UNCON 6.0 coming in November 2020

  November 2020

  Kent - Exact Location to be determined

What is UNCON

What is UNCON?

UNCON is a tabletop gaming convention with an open gaming area, game designers, publishers, stalls, and your future friends.

Run by All Around The Board, UNCON is a family friendly event with one main goal: to bring people together to socialise and have fun, all while playing a wide selection of board games.

Whether you're new to gaming or play tabletop games on a regular basis, there's something for everyone at UNCON. From kid's games to co-operative and social deduction games, UNCON boasts a wide selection that is suitable for people of all ages.

You can view our games library here.


Having grown continuously in size since 2017, UNCON is a great opportunity to bring families together and meet new people.

We're a friendly bunch, so if you're new to gaming, looking for a game to play or need help going in the right direction, our game hosts (who can be spotted wearing UNCON t-shirts) will be ready to help.

However, we also understand that you may need a break too, which is why we try to have a wide selection of game designers, publishers, and stalls at UNCON as well. You can see these on our What's On page, but please keep checking our site for more updates.

Where is UNCON

Where is UNCON?

UNCON 6.0 will be hosted in November 2020.
Exact time and location to follow. Please stay tuned for more details.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Founded by Darius and Jayde, UNCON is run by a local board game group, All Around The Board.

Having a huge passion for board games and socialising, we decided to create UNCON to bring families together, encouraging them to meet new people while having fun.

Now with a team of hosts who will be there to help at the event, we are joined by individuals who share the same passion: to encourage socialising among large groups of people through the interaction of board games.

Who We Are

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